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Call Us Today!
(228) 385-3038

About Our Office

Our Office

The Art of Dentistry is the culmination of Dr. Allen's unique vision to create a dental clinic that serves families in our community by providing the latest and most advanced dentistry available.

Care for Children and Adults

We provide a comprehensive approach to care for both children and adults, including cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry. Even if all you need is a new family dentist for regular cleanings and exams, you will find our special blend of technology and caring will make your dental visits the most pleasant you've ever had.

Dr. Allen loves to help children, feeling that they deserve a great early experience with dentistry. We encourage you to bring your children in for an exam or even a complimentary visit before their third birthday. We'll show you around and help your children get comfortable. They will love it here!

Call us at 228-385-3038 or fill out an appointment request form to set up your first appointment.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is a great example of how technology is changing dentistry today. Our use of digital x-ray technology reduces your radiation exposure up to 90 percent and completely eliminates the use of chemicals. It's better for you - it's better for the environment.


All our fillings are mercury-free! The common silver filling contains 50 percent mercury. We use only tooth-colored resins and porcelain or gold to create your beautiful, healthy smile. Thank you for learning more about us. If you would like to ask questions or schedule an appointment, please contact us link to contact us page. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Please visit us for a relaxing and comforting dental experience. While you're here you can:

  • Listen to music or watch a movie during your appointment.
  • Enjoy the warm environment.
  • Relax! Dr. Allen is highly skilled in advanced patient comfort and anesthetic procedures that can ease your anxieties. We also offer Sedation Dentistry which enables us to reach out and provide needed dental care to many who, otherwise, would not receive it. Sedation Dentistry helps to bridge the gap between new technology and patient comfort. After an initial consultation, your Sedation Dentistry appointment will be scheduled. You are given one or more small pills to allow you to float though your dental appointment in a relaxed sleeplike state. You will have little, if any, memory of the appointment.

With Sedation Dentistry, you will find that your treatment is performed more comfortably than you might have ever thought possible. You will be drowsy and unaware of the time passing by. During the entire appointment you will be monitored continually by our specially trained staff.